E-bikes at Waynesville Cycle Center

An electric bike, or e-bike, is a standard bicycle with a battery-operated motor. The motor provides extra power, so the rider doesn’t have to pedal as hard. There are several levels of assistance that e-bikes can have, from a little push that makes it easier to get up a hill to throttle assist power boost that makes even a steep slope seem like flat ground- which is a plus if you’re riding around the trails in North Carolina.

An e-bike can reach pedaling speeds that aren’t typical for standard bicycles. Plus, with the pedal assist, a rider can travel farther. There are several models available. The most familiar models are the urban and mountain e-bikes. However, you can also find commuters, cruisers, folding, snow, and cargo e-bikes.

Come by Waynesville Cycle Center in Waynesville, North Carolina, today to check out our selection of e-bikes. Below, we’ll go over some of the benefits of e-bikes.

Top 12 Benefits of E-bikes

There are several benefits associated with e-bikes. Some are obvious, while others you might be surprised by.

Good for the environment

One of the most obvious benefits of e-bikes is that they are clean and efficient, which is good for the environment. Even with today’s gas prices, most people still use fuel-powered vehicles to get around, so making the decision to use an e-bike instead is smart both now and for the future.

An e-bike does not use fossil fuels, and they don’t release carbon dioxide and other chemicals into the air. Plus, the manufacturing process doesn’t have as much of an impact on the environment.

Keep you active

An e-bike keeps you active and healthy. Many people believe that since there is a motor, e-bikes are no different than riding in a vehicle, but this isn’t true. The presence of the motor helps you enjoy riding more often and improves muscle tone, cardiovascular health, overall fitness, improved mental health, and more. Plus, if you prefer to use more effort, you can typically change the power setting to where the motor doesn’t provide as much assistance.

Make it easy to climb hills

If there’s one thing riders in North Carolina are familiar with, it’s the hilly terrain. In fact, this is one of the nuisances of riding- even for cycling enthusiasts. However, with an e-bike, the motor makes climbing a hill almost as easy as riding on flat ground.

Helps you ride faster

While e-bikes are typically limited to about 15 mph, this is faster than with a traditional bike. However, it’s not really the riding speed specifically that matters, it’s the accelerations. The motor makes acceleration from a standstill much easier, so you spend less time riding at slower speeds. If you do decide that you want to ride full speed on a flat stretch or downhill, the motor will cut out until you drop below your full speed and then it will come back on.

Make commuting faster and better

An e-bike is a healthy, eco-friendly way to commute and can typically make your commute more efficient. Think about how much time you spend sitting in traffic when commuting by car- not to mention the cost of mileage and the stress of trying to find somewhere to park. On the other hand, if you typically use public transportation, think about how much time to spend getting to the station, waiting for the train/bus, and sharing the trip with others. An e-bike can help with these disadvantages.

Allow you to ride farther

If you’ve ever wanted to get out and explore your environment, an e-bike is a great way to do it. Most e-bike batteries have an average range of 25 to 30 miles or more means you can travel further, and you don’t need an engine to get you there.

Don’t require a license

An e-bike is just as easy to own as a traditional bike because they don’t require a license and don’t have to be registered, taxed, or insured. The only restriction is that you need to be at least 14 years old.

They are fun

In addition to the practical benefits, they are also lots of fun. Hybrid e-bikes make riding in the city enjoyable, and the mountain and electric road bikes can give you more options if you decide to expand your horizons.

Improve your mental health

In the past few years, mental health has become a priority. Riding an e-bike gets you out in the sun and fresh air and keeps you active- which release endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone. Plus, cycling allows you to feel “free” and keeps you in control of your journey.

Easy to own/maintain

Even though e-bikes have a motor and battery, they are not complicated. Owning an e-bike is just like owning a traditional bike. They’re waterproof, so even if they get rained on, it won’t harm the electronics. Plus, due to their popularity, there are many shops that can service e-bikes as easily as they can traditional bikes.

Get Your E-bike at Waynesville Cycle Center

With all of these benefits and so much more, we believe that e-bikes are well worth the investment. Visit Waynesville Cycle Center today to check out our selection and use this coupon to get your e-bike so that you can start enjoying these benefits.